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Plans for Readers & Writers in the New Year. What’s on your list?

Plans for Readers & Writers in the New Year

What’s on your list?

Preparing my plans for 2023 I’ve started by looking back at the past year and reviewing the most memorable books to influence and inspire my own writing. Some modern classics, some different styles and themes; all worth reading. They include:
  • Rick Mofina’s domestic thriller, Her...
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Christmas Gifts in September? And now October? Yes!

Christmas Gifts in September? And now October?  

Yes, you deserve it.

Summer holidays are over, the kids are back at school, and you’re back at work trying to navigate away from health risks, climate disasters, and the political and economic turmoil around you. Looking forward to your next break?  Let’s leapfrog past Halloween and Thanksgiving and avoid the...
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Bouchercon? MWA?

Bouchercon? MWA?

Let me explain.

I know it can be confusing to follow all the acronyms and code words of the secret society of crime writers, I’m still learning them myself. Fortunately, we’re not that secretive. Writer-to-writer and writer-to-the-world we are dedicated to sharing our words and our stories to share the joy, the lessons, and...
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Where do stories come from? Fact of fiction.

Where do stories come from? Fact or fiction

Watch the YouTube video: "Where do the stories come from? Fact or fiction." Hear the answers and the author’s secrets revealed:

Or come and hear us live!

Montreal crime writers, Delvin Chatterson and Russell Fralich will be at Indigo- Pte. Claire, Saturday, Aug. 27th, noon till 4pm, ready to answer...
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