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Thirty years after fighting crime and corruption in the 1980s, Dale Hunter and Frank the Fixer are now drawn into more current criminal activities as they try to rescue a niece kidnapped into sex trafficking and online pornography by Russian gangsters in Boston. Dale and Frank follow a treacherous trail into the dangerous and violent international sex trade that also exposes Frank’s tragic family history in Africa and more violent threats closer to home in Montreal.

It starts with a phone call to Frank the Fixer and leads us through a complicated network of gangsters and Mafia families in their murderous competition for the lucrative business of sex trafficking and online pornography. A secretive Montreal Mafia figure is assassinated and deals are made to extricate the innocent young victims from competing interests. Tough tactics and insider knowledge are required, but more violence and murders cannot be avoided.

Early Reviews of BAD BOYS IN BOSTON

“Intriguing, scary, occasionally disturbing.” “Kept me reading every page.”

“A story that needs to be told and Chatterson meets the challenge in his latest exciting and entertaining Dale Hunter Series action thriller.”

“I love the concept of jumping forward 30 years in the series and how the crimefighting sidekick becomes the hero! It’s even more fascinating to learn that Frank the Fixer, the troubled young Somalian refugee to Montreal, now a tough-guy PI, is based on a Somalian colleague of Del’s from the 1980s!”

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This Dale Hunter Thriller is the best in the series so far.  

Have you read the first three novels for a fast ride through the 1980s crime fighting adventures of Dale Hunter and Frank the Fixer?


High praise for the DALE HUNTER SERIES from enthusiastic readers in more than 15 countries

“Chatterson’s language conveys mayhem with a brevity that practically demands attention. Action sequences are rapid fire and corrosive … offset by threatening undertones. Chatterson pens crime drama that is fast-paced and involved.” INDIE READER REVIEW

“Great read! … I had to get up in the middle of the night to finish it! K. Collins (Canada)

“I read this book in one day … How do I get my hands on his next book?” M. Heaton (USA)

“Amazing! Hooked and thoroughly entertained. …. a captivating author.” P. Malouf (Canada)

“I love how the story flowed and the intensity continued to increase, … Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy the ride! It’s a fast one!”

A. Leeber (USA) “Loved it right from the beginning! The passion between the characters had me not wanting to put it down. A definite must read! Looking forward to reading the next one. J. Moore, Goodreads Reviewer

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