Del’s Story

Del Chatterson is an experienced business consultant, entrepreneur and writer. 

He publishes articles and blog posts regularly at and has written two business books for entrepreneurs.

He is currently working on his fiction projects with a collection of short stories and a series of novels.  His first novel, called No Easy Money, will be published later this year.

Del Chatterson, Writer

Thank you for your interest in my writing.

My current priority is completion of  a first novel, No Easy Money, in the Dale Hunter series of business crime-thrillers.

It is a continuation of the theme of  sharing stories in my two business books, Don’t Do It the Hard Way and  The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans.

For business writing, I used the pen name of Uncle Ralph, but you can call me Del. Uncle Ralph is my alter ego and comes from all my own prior experience, plus everything I learned from the good and bad managers that I worked with over the years.  Coincidentally, Ralph is my secret middle name and was my father’s first name. Uncle Ralph is definitely much wiser than I am and has experienced more than I could possibly have lived through myself.

The objective of my writing at the website is to help entrepreneurs be better and do better. Better for themselves and their families, their  employees, customers and suppliers, their communities and the planet.

Perhaps some of those valuable lessons will be even better communicated in my fiction, but the primary objective with those books is to be appealing, interesting and entertaining for a wider audience.

I look forward to staying in touch and hearing your feedback on all my projects. Thank you for visiting.

Del Chatterson

Who is Delvin R. Chatterson?

Del is originally from Kimberley, BC in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

He is an Engineer from UBC (’68) and has an MBA from McGill (’72).  His consulting business, DirectTech Solutions, is based in Montreal and provides strategic advisory services to owner-managed businesses.


Del has worked for Alcan Aluminum and AES Data in Montreal and with Coopers & Lybrand Consulting in Toronto. Consulting assignments and his business and travel adventures have taken him to all the Canadian provinces and territories, all fifty of the United States, Western Europe, Central America and the Far East.

Del was the President and owner of TTX COMPUTER PRODUCTS INC., a computer products distributor for monitors and display products. From 1986 to 1994, he grew that business from zero to $21 million with offices in Montreal and Boston.

In recent years, Del has been active as a volunteer adviser to businesses in developing economies, in Canadian Aboriginal Communities and has worked with many young entrepreneurs just getting started.

His life experience includes running nine marathons between the ages of fifty and sixty (he never won) and running for Member of Parliament in BC in the Federal Election of 2000 (he came second).

Del welcomes contact with readers and entrepreneurs and appreciates any feedback.

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