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I have a plan for 2024. Are you ready for it?

I have a plan for 2024 Are you ready for it? My slogan for and the theme of my two books and frequent posts and newsletters is: Have a Purpose. Have Plan. So, of course, I have to follow my own advice. I stated my purpose for writing fiction in last week’s newsletter and now I have a writing Continue Reading

Author challenges – What’s next? “He jumped on his horse and galloped off in all directions at once.”

Author challenges What’s next?  “He jumped on his horse and galloped off in all directions at once.” Does that sound familiar? Writers recognize that scenario as being part of their lives – trying to chase too many projects and priorities competing for attention – new ideas to develop, writing, editing, marketing and promotion, events and business development activities, books to Continue Reading

Writing is hard. Selling is harder! I need your help.

Writing is hard. Selling is harder! I need your help Every writer I know loves the compliments and congratulations on having successfully completed the writing of any book, but we all hate the follow-up question, “How are sales?” The thrill of accomplishment is rapidly diminished by the reminder that sales are disappointing. We may fumble through an answer that doesn’t Continue Reading

Horrifying Horror Stories. For Halloween

Horrifying Horror Stories For Halloween Not for the cozy mystery reader or writer. Halloween is the time of year for horror stories, but they still dont appeal to me. There are enough horrifying stories in the real world. I dont need someones imagination running wild with a horror story to give me more nightmares. You may disagree. Maybe youre Continue Reading

Pulp Fiction Detective classics

Pulp Fiction Detective classics You may not be a fan, but youre probably aware of the original pulp fiction detective stories of the 1930s and 40s and their influence on current detective novels. Im still working my way through a collection of stories by Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, Dashiell Hammett and Rex Stout. They introduced us to the characters of Continue Reading

Creating Suspense

Creating Suspense For exciting page-turners In a previous Author Update, I commented on my recent attendance at Bouchercon-2023 in San Diego and noted the particular highlight for me of the opportunity to meet David Baldacci and listen to his comments. Hes recognized as a world-class storyteller with dozens of best-selling thriller and suspense novels, so I was interested in Continue Reading

CWC and David Baldacci at Bouchercon-2023

CWC and David Baldacci at Bouchercon-2023 Canadian Crime Writers were conspicuous participants at Boucheron-2023 in San Diego, August 30th to September 3rd. The gathering of 1700 writers and readers at Bouchercon in San Diego was another great success at bringing people together to make connections, learn from each other, and be inspired to read more and write better. Organised and Continue Reading

Author Update #2023-19 – Back to school!

Author Update #2023-19 Back to school! With Labour Day approaching we must be nearing the end of another summer, then its back to school and back to work. I hope you enjoy the remaining restful and relaxing lazy days by the pool, on the beach, or under a shady tree, reading a good book! Im trying hard to do Continue Reading

Author Update – Only $0.99 for all my books!

Author Update Only $0.99 for all my books! Special summer reading prices @ $0.99 for E-book editions of all my books! Ending soon, so buy now, read later. Three novels and two business books @ only $0.99. Available NOW at online bookstores everywhere.   In other news: Im very happy to report that I recently had a short story Continue Reading

A few good stories. Even if theyre short!

A few good stories.Even if theyre short! Many of the original crime fiction detective stories, mystery and suspense, were delivered as short stories, often published in popular newspapers of the day or in specialty mystery magazines like Ellery Queen or Alfred Hitchcock Mysteries, or in collections like The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Theyre still worth reading. Other collections of short Continue Reading