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Meet the Authors  

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As promised, I owe you a report on the writers conferences I attended over the last few weeks – the Montreal Mystery Festival, ThrillerFest in New York and MOTIVEMystery & Crime Festival in Toronto. They were all great opportunities to gather with other crime writers for panel discussions, interviews, and frank conversations, to share experiences and ideas and to pitch our books!

It was three action-packed weeks absorbing a lot of useful information on both writing and publishing. It’s always inspiring and motivating to hear about the journey to critical acclaim and bestseller status from other writers.

And, of course, I acquired a lot of good books to read! I’ll share my reviews and recommendations on social media over the next few weeks and provide short summaries in this occasional newsletter update for you to decide what to add to your own reading lists. Here is the first installment, based on what I’ve read so far and can recommend for your consideration:

PERFECT SHOT by Steve Urszenyi

An outstanding start to a new series in the traditions of James Bond and Jason Bourne, introducing a young female agent licensed to kill and preventing a Russian plot from causing a nuclear disaster. The unassuming, but dedicated and determined former Army sniper, Alex Martel, is now an Interpol agent drawn into the political intrigues of competing interests as she investigates the murder of a friend and fellow anti-terrorist fighter.

The FURY of BEIJING by Ian Hamilton

This is the sixteenth novel, and expected to be the last, in the Ava Lee Series of action thrillers about a Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant tracking down stolen money and stopping international criminals, who also happens to be a lesbian and expert in martial arts. This story brings Ava into direct conflict with the Chinese government and their agents who are implicated in the brutal murder of two people associated with an award-winning movie about the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989. The Ava Lee Series has special significance for me as it was a model for my Dale Hunter Series about a non-traditional Canadian protagonist fighting international crime and corruption with courage and creativity.


British best-selling author, Ruth Ware, demonstrates her skill at turning a happy innocent situation into a terrifying tale of psychological distress. She presents a reality TV show scenario seeking one perfect couple on an idyllic island paradise that goes badly astray as a violent storm wreaks havoc and hidden agendas for revenge are revealed. A twisted trail of murders and dangerous liaisons leads to a resolution of the mysteries, but not to the happy ending that anyone had in mind.


Two girlfriends from New York decide to escape their tortured and broken romantic lives with a vacation trip to Australia, then sign-up to join a father and his young daughter on their sailing adventure up the west coast to escape their own challenges back at home. It seems like a relaxing refuge for the two women, including the introduction to an attractive new love interest who joins the crew, but then the terrifying secrets of everyone on board start to be revealed. The danger escalates with each new turn of events. What is going on and who can they trust before somebody dies? A captivating thriller that keeps the surprises coming from start to finish.


Lee, the owner of a recently failed restaurant in New York finds herself homeless and in constant distress living in her car on the beach near Seattle. She wakes one morning to the sight of another young woman in distress who appears to be walking into the ocean to drown herself. Lee jumps in to rescue her and they then bond as supportive friends when Hazel describes the brutal abusive relationship with a wealthy and powerful man that she was trying to escape from. Then the friendship becomes dangerous, as Hazel persuades Lee to help her arrange another route to escape and end her marriage permanently without killing herself. Lee is attracted to the plan that would also give her a path to recovering her lost career, but is Hazel telling the truth? Who is the new boyfriend that gets involved in the plot with both of them? Is it possible for either of them to escape the dangerous men pursuing them? A very well-written page-turner.

In other news

The book launch May 31st for the fourth novel in my Dale Hunter Thriller Series, BAD BOYS IN BOSTON, received lots of attention at the events where it was presented.

Now that it’s available everywhere I’m looking for more reviews and recommendations from fellow writers, bloggers and reviewers, and readers like you! Please don’t be shy to add a rating and a quick note if you’ve read BAD BOYS IN BOSTON. Any feedback is very helpful to me and to other prospective readers. Thank you for your support!

Enjoy your reading and writing. Thank you for following me on social media and subscribing to my newsletter and for your interest in my books.

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