Author Update #2023-19 – Back to school!

Author Update #2023-19  

Back to school!

With Labour Day approaching we must be nearing the end of another summer, then it’s back to school and back to work. I hope you enjoy the remaining restful and relaxing lazy days by the pool, on the beach, or under a shady tree, reading a good book!

I’m trying hard to do the same, reading a mix of pulp fiction, the classics, some current best-sellers, and an occasional digression into non-fiction. My current reading includes Raymond Chandler, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lynwood Barclay, the biography of Henry VIII, and Mark Carney’s, Value(s), on economic solutions to current social and environmental issues.  Unfortunately my books to-be-read pile keeps getting bigger. I need to stop browsing and buying books. (Or I need to install more bookshelves at home.) I keep visiting bookstores for market research, and to sell some books, and usually buy more than I sell!

Nevertheless, it’s a good investment and I recommend them all to you. It can be a fascinating learning experience, and entertaining too, to forget the familiar and try something completely outside your favourites list. It’s time for back to school and back to work, right? If you’re seeking knowledge, motivation or inspiration, read something different. You might accidently learn something useful that helps with your current issues, projects, and plans.

In other news:

I’m very happy to report that my short story, Family First, will be published in Mystery & Suspense Magazine Fall Issue on September 1st. Mystery and Suspense Magazine, is a web daily and a quarterly print magazine, with articles, interviews, reviews, and features on mystery writers and their work, giving fans deeper insights into the authors and the fiction they love.

Another recommendation for thriller fans, and writers too, is somebody who does it all better than most – Carter Wilson – a best-selling thriller writer and master of networking and coaching on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. He has produced a fascinating series of conversations with other authors called Making It Up. I had the opportunity to participate in his Episode #99 (How appropriate is that for an old Canadian hockey player?) I think you’ll find it interesting and entertaining to hear the two of us discuss our long and winding journey into writing and the book business. Enjoy our conversation on YouTube at:

Meanwhile, … I just completed the second short story in my unpublished series in the style of the original pulp fiction detective stories – The Kid from California, Looking for Work, about a young tough guy working for the Mob in Las Vegas in the 1960s. Then by a bizarre incident of serendipity (that’s my twin muses, Sarah ‘n Dippity), I discovered the short pulp fiction novel, The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, in my pile of books to-be-read. Do you know it? I learned a lot from his book, On Writing, so this is a must read for me now.

More author updates are coming, so please stay tuned in and signed up if you’re interested. I very much appreciate your time and attention and welcome any feedback, comments, or responses you may have for me. Please keep in touch.

Enjoy your reading and writing,


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