Writing is hard. Selling is harder! I need your help.

Writing is hard. Selling is harder!

I need your help

Every writer I know loves the compliments and congratulations on having successfully completed the writing of any book, but we all hate the follow-up question, “How are sales?”

The thrill of accomplishment is rapidly diminished by the reminder that sales are disappointing. We may fumble through an answer that doesn’t sound too defensive or sad, “Pretty good, considering …. Especially with all the high-powered competition from thousands of other books published every day.” And it’s reassuring to hear that even Stephen King and John Grisham complain that it’s getting harder for them too. Nevertheless we’d all like to do better! And word-of-mouth marketing reader-to-reader is still the best solution for disappointing sales.

There is great satisfaction in writing a good book that is well received by professional editors and reviewers, but it’s even more satisfying (and rewarding) if the book is purchased by a large number of enthusiastic readers and fans. My first editor explained that the minimum requirement is for the book to be readable and saleable. After that is achieved, the next step is packaging, promotion, marketing and distribution. That’s the hard part for most writers, even for those like me who have business experience in marketing, sales and distribution. The publishing industry is a weird beast dominated by a few corporate giants who succeed by the sheer power of their controlling influence on media and the booksellers.  Amazon has democratized the process so that writers can publish quickly and easily at low cost, but that opens the door to joining more than 100 million books they already have for sale and growing by over 4000 books a day. In that crowded and noisy marketplace of booksellers, how do we get any attention to attract new readers and book buyers?

That’s where I need your help. If you’re reading this in my author newsletter or one of my social media posts, you’re among the 5000+ readers, fans, and friends who know me and my writing.

Please share your enthusiasm for my books!

Share the newsletter or social media post with your own followers and friends who might be interested. Post a review or recommendation if you have a favourite. Any descriptive comments are helpful for other readers to decide what might be good for them. And, of course, you can share the books you already have or buy another book yourself. It all helps and will be much appreciated. Then we can share the joy of better sales the next time somebody asks that embarrassing question!

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Enjoy your reading and writing,


Del Chatterson


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