Where do stories come from? Fact of fiction.

Where do stories come from?
Fact or fiction

Watch the YouTube video: “Where do the stories come from? Fact or fiction.”
Hear the answers and the author’s secrets revealed: https://youtu.be/_bl2m0YCrgs

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Montreal crime writers, Delvin Chatterson and Russell Fralich will be at Indigo- Pte. Claire, Saturday, Aug. 27th, noon till 4pm, ready to answer your questions and sign their books for you. There will be author readings at 2:00-3:00pm. See you there.
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See also: www.DelvinChatterson.com for more info on all the books, fact and fiction…

Readers often ask, “Where do the stories come from? And how much is true?”

In this video I explain how I use storytelling in all my books ¬¬for and about entrepreneurs, fact or fiction, to share my own experience and that of others for the lessons learned about business and life. Of course the stories have to be interesting, entertaining, informative and, occasionally, even inspirational.
In the crime fiction novels, I use my imagination to create more drama, mystery, and suspense to make them exciting thrillers. In the business books for entrepreneurs the stories are true, so that they are more realistic and relevant for small business owner-managers.
In the video I read from The Complete Do-it-Yourself Guide to Business Plans and then from the Dale Hunter novel, MERGER MANIAC.
The real-life story is about the valuation of a business prior to sale and why the owner refused to accept an offer at twice the price. In the novel, Dale Hunter is trying to refuse an offer from the Mafia to invest in his business for the purpose of money laundering. He discovers there are dangerous consequences to refusing the offer.
You can choose which version you would prefer to read and decide for yourself what you might learn in the process.

Enjoy the stories – fact or fiction!

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