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Novel #6 in the Dale Hunter Series was another chance to develop my process for writing a novel, however, the attempt to push as hard as Rick Mofina and write 1500 words a day, everyday, failed.

I started on TRUST NOBODY December 1st and thought I’d try to do 60,000 words in forty days. Instead, it took 125 days to do 50,000 words, and I changed the title to WHATEVER IT TAKES. But it’s finished! Adding a sixth novel to the Dale Hunter series that started with No EASY MONEY, published in 2018. Not yet ready for publishing, but Draft 3 is now available for early reader review and feedback. As Stephen King says, “Don’t show it to anybody until the third draft is done!” So here it is.

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Dale Hunter is drawn into crime and corruption in Montreal city  politics and faces recurring nightmares of violent death and betrayal by the people he thought he knew and trusted. While trying to extricate a friend from a gangster plot and to explain an unexpected murder, Hunter is also forced to recognize and reveal more of the evil in his own past.

If you’re interested to check it out, you can download a.pdf copy at:  https://bookhip.com/BZQWTVC.

Any comments, feedback, or suggestions are appreciated. You don’t even have to be polite! But thank you in advance for any encouragement. Enjoy the sneak peak.

Where does this one fit in the series?

Each novel may be read and enjoyed as a standalone, but you may prefer to start at the beginning with NO EASY MONEY, which introduces Dale Hunter and his crime-fighting buddy, Frank the Fixer, as well as other continuing characters in the series. That novel and SIMPLY THE BEST are set in the 1980s with “an explosive mix of crime, cash and computers.” MERGER MANIAC follows with the same themes of Dale Hunter facing threats of death and destruction from the Mafia in Montreal and from other gangsters in the Far East, New York, Boston and Las Vegas.

Learn more at: https://delvinchatterson.com/dale-hunter-novels/ and click through to your favourite online bookstore or ask for them at your local bookstore.

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