It’s February, 2016 and I’m looking out my office window planning transitions.

Del Chatterson, businessman and consultant, is transitioning to business writer and author.

After fifteen years of consulting to business owners and entrepreneurs, I am now directing less time and effort to one client at a time and more to writing for a broader audience of entrepreneurs around the world .

In the role of “Uncle Ralph” at, I am offering ideas, information and inspiration to help entrepreneurs be better and do better. Better for themselves, their families, their employees and customers, their suppliers and strategic partners, their communities and the planet.  Sounds ambitious? Naïve? I’m convinced it is a worthwhile application of my knowledge and experience to share my ideas and what I have learned with other entrepreneurs.  It also keeps me connected to the business world and less than fully retired from it.

The other transition is my new commitment to other writing projects outside the business world. I am now venturing into the world of FICTION! (I did have some other retirement projects in mind, but neither the golf nor the guitar are ever going to keep me fully engaged and the lack of talent in both is a big obstacle to becoming rich and famous at either one.)

Obviously, I’m not yet rich and famous as an author either. But the two business books have had favourable reviews and I have sold a few to strangers! Please check out Uncle Ralph’s Books and tell me what you think. Both books include a few real-life stories so it was a good exercise in story telling too.IMG_7422

To stretch my imagination and creative writing skills, I already have a few short stories that I am working up to a collection.  Some will be published here for reader comments and reviews.  All feedback is much appreciated.  Please tell me what you really think.

 And of course, I do have the novel started.  It will be in the form of “business fiction” and will allow me to apply my imagination and creativity to make some real life stories even more interesting than what really happened during my adventures in the computer business during the eighties. Give me time to develop the plot, characters and story lines.

Sorry, no erotic romance or poetry in the plan.  I am trying to stick to the subjects I know.

Stay tuned.


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