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Wishing you a happy holiday season enjoying friends & family and hoping you have a peaceful NEW YEAR filled with joy!
Many thanks to all those generous and thoughtful people who have helped me and encouraged and supported my efforts in 2019 with the writing, publishing, and marketing of three novels and two business books.
We can now all look forward to even more accomplishments over the next year.
This past year, I continued my journey from entrepreneur to authorpreneur by completing two more crime fiction novels in the Dale Hunter Thriller Series and started on the 2020 edition of my two business books.
The first novel, NO EASY MONEY, was published in September 2018, the second, SIMPLY THE BEST, in April and MERGER MANIAC in October of this year.
I am currently working on 2020 editions of the two business books, The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans and DON’T DO IT THE HARD WAY, which were both published in 2014. The new editions are currently in progress with a tentative publication date for both in March of 2020.
Meanwhile, I am working on marketing of the Dale Hunter novels to achieve wider distribution and sales. Reader reviews continue to be favourable and sales are growing slowly, but not yet enough to be satisfied with this entrepreneurial adventure. The next steps will require development of new business partners and collaborators to achieve better sales results and extend the series.
2020 will be a busy year for me. I hope it will be an interesting and challenging year for you too and filled with impressive accomplishments.
Enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year.

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  1. Great news about the reedition of your business books, Del. I refer to my copies often. I am still working full time in research but I just bought my third rental property. My plan is to scale this up as a side hustle and bring on investors over the next couple of years. Many thanks for your early encouragement.

    Much bigger news is that I just had a son. Atticus James Affleck was born on October 6th. We are a happy family of three living in Ottawa.

    Best wishes to you and Penny for a Merry Christmas,

    • Delvin R. Chatterson

      Thanks, Will. Glad to hear you’re still following your Uncle Ralph! Hope we can catch up on your next visit to Montreal and exchange stories about entrepreneurship.
      Happy New Year!

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