Promo: First in the Series

Promo: First in the Series

With less social commentary?

Feedback from readers of the Dale Hunter Series is still helping me write better action thrillers. Thank you!

In my last email update, I explained how I am also learning from the outstanding bestselling novels of Arthur Hailey and John Grisham. They are both great storytellers and do an excellent job of providing fascinating insights into the business and legal issues without detracting from the fast-paced action, the mystery and suspense.

My Dale Hunter Series of crime thrillers are set in the international computer business of the 1980s and readers have reminded me that insertion of any social commentary may be helpful to reveal the characters if they are expressing their opinions, but the author/narrator’s opinion is a less welcome distraction. I’m keeping that in mind for the next novels.

If you would like to see how some other authors manage to tell a good story of mystery and suspense, take a look at this current promotion:

1st in the Series – Crime, Mysteries & Thrillers:

Enjoy your reading.

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