I have a plan for 2024. Are you ready for it?

I have a plan for 2024

Are you ready for it?

My slogan for LearningEntrepreneurship.com and the theme of my two books and frequent posts and newsletters is: Have a Purpose. Have a Plan. So, of course, I have to follow my own advice. I stated my purpose for writing fiction in last week’s newsletter and now I have a writing and publishing plan for 2024.

The purpose: Engaging in the exchange of stories, ideas, and opinions to learn new ways to experience the joys of life and handle its challenges. Or to indulge in a brief escape from the distress and disasters in the real world around us.

The plan for my fiction writing in 2024:

  1. Publish three more Dale Hunter Thriller novels.
  • BAD BOYS IN BOSTON – March 2024
  • CRASH LANDING – June 2024
  • WHATEVER IT TAKES – October 2024.
  1. Start more effective marketing and promotion campaigns in February and make Advance Review Copies (ARCs) of each novel available for early readers, professional reviewers and authors to provide reviews and recommendations prior to launch. (Sorry, no parties with free food and drinks this time, but I will be scheduling lots of events so we can meet without the food and drink to talk about books!)
  2. Continue writing and submitting short stories for publication by mystery magazines and for future collections, The Kid from California, and Snapshots from Home, as well as a short story about Dale Hunter and Frank the Fixer getting pulled into a murder mystery in Killer on the Kootenay.
  3. Maintain my stream of social media posts and articles, expand the audience to new followers and subscribers, and a new launch a new author website.

That should keep me busy enough and out of trouble for most of the year.

I appreciate your patience in waiting for the next novels in the Dale Hunter Thriller Series – 2024 is the year to catch up! Then I can boast of releasing six novels in six years and try to get back on pace with one or two novels per year.

I hope you’ve caught up with all three of the first novels in the Dale Hunter Series, NO EASY MONEY, SIMPLY THE BEST, and MERGER MANIAC. Check the book blurbs below or visit www.DelvinChatterson.com for more information and quick-links to buy. Great gift ideas for the Holiday Season! (I will not object if you simply re-gift one you’ve already read.)

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in these occasional posts and newsletters and for your continued interest in my writing.  Any follow-up questions or comments are always appreciated.

Enjoy your own reading and writing.

Best regards,


Del Chatterson


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