More summer reading!

More summer reading!

MERGER MANIAC, Novel #3  in the Dale Hunter Series is now ready for early Reader Review.

If you’re interested, I’d love to hear your first impression or your reaction to the first 10 pages, or if you have time for a quick summer read of 200 pages, to send me your review comments. More stories of crime, Mafia, suspense and intrigue for Dale Hunter & Frank the Fixer.  A free ebook copy is available at @ 

If you still need to catch up, or you would like to share the first two novels, you can follow the links below to a free ebook for both.  A short synopsis of each novel is at the bottom of this email.

NO EASY MONEY, the first novel in the series introduces Dale Hunter and Frank the Fixer and stories of crime in the international computer business of the 1980s. It was published in September 2018 and is receiving very good response from readers and reviewers online and in bookstores across Canada and internationally.  A free ebook copy is available at @ 

SIMPLY THE BEST, the second novel in the series, was published in May and is now also widely distributed online, in bookstores and libraries, anywhere you want it. It continues the stories of Dale Hunter and Frank the Fixer with more threats of death and disaster. A free ebook copy is available at @

On the book marketing side of my role as Author-Entrepreneur, I’ve been busy with the social media, posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I have updated my website at  with more details and links to the online bookstores and referral sites like Goodreads. See: Dale Hunter Novels

I have also set-up an Author Direct Bookstore to facilitate delivery of Author-signed copies of the novels to bookstores and readers at the best prices with low-cost delivery anywhere in North America.

All the tools we need to help everyone to Buy, Read, Review & Recommend the books. Please!

THANK YOU for your continued support.  Helpful, enthusiastic readers are still the best resource for better writing, marketing and sales. 

Enjoy your reading!


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NO EASY MONEY – You never win playing by the rules…  The first in the series of Dale Hunter Crime Novels is an explosive mix of crime, cash and computers in the 1980s. Entrepreneurs face challenges every day. It’s hard to be a hero. This is the story of a young entrepreneur under threats of violence from the Montreal Mafia. He wants to survive and not play by gangster rules, but it will require courage and creativity and the support of some new friends. Somebody is going to get killed.

SIMPLY THE BEST – It may be simple, it’s never easy  In this second novel in the series, Dale Hunter is back in business, but so is Gino Boncanno. Hunter has already had to save himself from a murder attempt by the gangster, Boncanno. Now his new partner in Taiwan is dragging him into business with the Triads and their smuggling scheme into the U.S. The danger escalates and Hunter still has to save his family from the murderous plans of Boncanno. Hunter’s escape may seem simple, but it’s never easy.

MERGER MANIAC – Some offers have to be refused  Third in the series of Dale Hunter crime novels, Merger Maniac is the story of how Dale Hunter tries to survive against competitive threats in the rapidly evolving computer business of the 1980s. He’s looking for merger or acquisition partners and suddenly he’s approached by the aggressive Montreal Mafia to join their money laundering schemes. They are making very persuasive offers that just have to be refused.

Delvin Chatterson, Author

An entrepreneur and business advisor, consultant, coach and cheerleader for entrepreneurs, Del has written extensively on business topics for decades. He is now writing fiction with a short story collection in progress and this series of Dale Hunter crime novels. Originally from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Del has lived and worked for the past forty years in the fascinating French-Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec.

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