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Report for the Quebec Region – April/May 2022

It has been an interesting year 2012-2022 for Crime Writers of Canada. In spite of the disturbing death and disaster continuing in the world around us, we are working on our writing and book marketing projects and our ongoing activities to support and encourage our fellow CWC members in the journey.

Current & Planned Activities

We have continued our members-only Webinar Series with interesting presentations, interviews, and opportunities to meet and learn from some of our most accomplished writers. We have also been active in promoting CWC members at local and international events.

We are proceeding with changes in the organisation for next year with an expansion of regions across Canada. The Quebec & Atlantic Region has been split and Gwen Martin is now the Regional Rep for Atlantic Canada. We will also be confirming Anne Fotheringham as the new Regional Rep for Quebec to replace me after the year-end in May. You will have the opportunity to learn more from the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on May 26th.

The winners of our internationally recognized annual AWARDS of EXCELLENCE will also be presented on May 26th and the short lists have been announced in the CWC video released this month at:

Please note in particular the recognition of our most prominent Quebec member, Louise Penny, who has been selected to receive the Grand Master Award for her award-winning novels loved by readers around the world.

Our 40th Anniversary Anthology – Cold Canadian Crime will be released in May with a great collection of short stories by our member writers from across the country. Stand by for the announcement and be sure to buy at least one copy to support CWC and your fellow writers.

Quebec and other CWC members are also active in preparing for the virtual Maple Leaf Mystery Conference (See: May 24th to 28th and Thriller Fest in New York, May 31st to June 4th (See: I am hosting two events there for CWC members and friends. Event details will be posted on our Facebook page.

CWC is also inviting members to participate in a long-overdue Canadian writers event LIVE! Join us at TIFA the Toronto International Festival of Authors: Crime and Mystery Conference from June 3–5, 2022. For more details visit:

Please keep in touch and stay active with your fellow Canadian crime writers.

Wishing you well and all the best for your own projects and plans,

Del Chatterson, 

Quebec Regional Representative, Crime Writers of Canada  

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