More book sales & more giveaways!

More book sales & more giveaways!

And you can help

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Selling books is hard – So I’m asking for your assistance.

I’m very pleased and grateful for the several thousand readers, friends and fans following me on my mailing lists and social media channels, but I want more!

I don’t mean to sound unappreciative, or hopelessly ambitious and never satisfied with the sales (which may be true, I know), but I do love telling stories that are interesting, entertaining, informative, and sometimes inspirational, so more readers means more fun for everybody!

My objective is not more revenue, but more readers.

And you can help.


Share the books you may already have, or send the links to free e-books to friends and fellow readers who may be interested. Even better if you post reviews and recommendations on your social media channels or Amazon, Goodreads, and Indigo or other online bookstores, the blogs and review sites that you use.

Thank you!

I do appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

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And here are quick links to e-books of my DALE HUNTER Series:

NO EASY MONEY – You never win playing by the rules… A free E-book review copy is available at @

SIMPLY THE BEST – It may be simple, it’s never easy  A free E-book review copy is available at @

MERGER MANIAC – Some offers have to be refused A free E-book review copy is

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