Now I have answers. And some recommendations.

Now I have answers. 

And some recommendations for you and for me

Last week I asked two questions. Who are you? And why are you here?

Now I have some answers and I’m willing to share them with you. And, of course, now that I know more about who you are and what you want, I can do better delivering it.

Who are you?

My current list of readers and subscribers, plus friends, fans and followers on social media adds up to about 5000 people from over twenty different countries with a wide variety of personal interests and a common interest in reading to learn, to be entertained, and to escape from the other demands on their time and energy.

Why are you here?

Many readers joined us through the links to free books, so I need to keep them coming. They stay because the content in posts, articles and newsletters is interesting, relevant, informative, and sometimes inspiring. And they appreciate the book reviews, referrals and recommendations to new authors.

So, if you’re still here, I owe you more of that content.

Today’s recommended reading:  

I’ve been enjoying some of the classics from the old masters of pulp fiction – Mickey Spillane, Raymond Chandler, Ellery Queen, Eric Ambler and Ian Fleming. The writing is better than I expected, and the themes and stories are still very current. I recommend that you escape from browsing online and go browse the shelves at your local used book store. They’re not 25¢ or 50¢ anymore, but still a bargain at $4 to $8.

Thank you for being here. I always appreciate your comments, feedback, and encouragement to continue offering these occasional articles and newsletters. Please keep it coming!

Enjoy your reading and writing,


Del Chatterson

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