High Praise for the Dale Hunter Novels


“Chatterson’s language conveys mayhem with a brevity that practically demands attention. Action sequences are rapid fire and corrosive … offset by threatening undertones. Chatterson pens crime drama that is fast-paced and involved.” INDIE READER REVIEW

 “Great read! … I had to get up in the middle of the night to finish it!” Ken Collins (Canada)


“I read this book in one day … How do I get my hands on his next book?” Margaret Heaton (USA)


Amazing! An absolutely outstanding writer! Hooked and thoroughly entertained. …. a captivating author.” Peter J. Malouf (Canada)


“I liked it a lot! And I was there, in the computer business of the 1980s. I’m telling all my friends, very impressive!” Gilles Gaudet (Canada)


“Welcome to the ’80s Business World. I love how the story flowed and the intensity continued to increase, keeping you reading to the very end. Keeps you on the edge of your seat for an intense and exciting read. Enjoy the ride! It’s a fast one!” Amanda Leeber (USA), Amazon.com Review


“Loved it right from the beginning! The passion felt between the characters had me not wanting to put it down. A definite must read! Looking forward to reading book two.” Jasmin Moore, Goodreads Reviewer

“LOVED THE BOOK. I loved the relationship Dale had with his wife, … how very open, human and trusting of their relationship. I liked the integration of the complex problems of entrepreneurs and the slippery slope into the “mafia” insanity. And, true to the very best crime and mystery writing, I loved how the plot twists accelerate from the easy beginning and raced toward the end. ” Dennis L.R. (Waltham, MA)


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