A few good stories. Even if they’re short! 

A few good stories. Even if they’re short! 

Many of the original crime fiction detective stories, mystery and suspense, were delivered as short stories, often published in popular newspapers of the day or in specialty mystery magazines like Ellery Queen or Alfred Hitchcock Mysteries, or in collections like The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. They’re still worth reading.

Other collections of short stories are great resources for my own collections of short stories – work in progress!

I’ve discovered in particular the short stories of the 1920s, Winesberg, Ohio, by Sherwood Anderson and The Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield, both recognized by their peers and many other writers, like Ernest Hemingway, as masters of their craft. Among modern writers, you can still count on the outstanding Canadians, Margaret Atwood and Alice Munroe, to demonstrate astonishing skill at storytelling in their collections of short stories.

I recommend them all, while you’re waiting for mine!

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Enjoy your reading and writing,


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