No Easy Money, slow progress

No easy task, losing momentum.

Is this what they mean by writer’s block?

The blitz in November seems to have emptied the tank of creative juices. It’s been a No Easy Moneystruggle ever since to read, revise, re-write.

Lot’s of excuses and distractions that have kept me from the novel – trip to Spain in December, continuing difficulties for my Mom who sadly passed away on Christmas eve keeping me in BC for almost three weeks over the holidays, a week on the beach in Mazatlán, then home to a severe bout of flu that knocked all energy and initiative out of me for another two weeks.

But the excuses are over and I’m back at the keyboard trying to generate some content on the principle that writing something will get things going and lead to something worth sharing.

This Blog post is not worth your reading it, but let’s see if it helps me get back to work. Thanks for caring,




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