Celebrity authors

Celebrity authors

It doesn’t seem fair. They’re already rich and famous.

Celebrities have an instant advantage over other writers. It’s a very effective hook to pull readers into a book – the inside story by an insider!

Fact or fiction, it’s an easy sale for the former President, Secretary of State, Mafia hit man, rock star, or astronaut. It doesn’t have to be a good book, it will still sell millions and get more attention than it deserves. For example, I just read Chris Hadfield’s best-selling novel, The Apollo Murders. It’s well-written and I found the plot interesting with lots of technical detail about space flight and lunar landings, but the action scenes are implausible to me and the characters unappealing stereotypes. 

Bill Clinton’s novel with James Patterson and Hillary’s with Louise Penny are much better stories of political intrigue by an insider and they both have more interesting characters and exciting plot twists.

Collaboration with a successful author makes a difference.  Maybe I should try it. ?  To learn more about my own efforts to become rich and famous as a bestselling author, visit: Dale Hunter Thriller Novels.

And for interested readers a free advance copy of novel #5, Crash Landing, is available atBookFunnel. CRASH LANDING – Dale Hunter is trying to save his business from disaster when he’s confronted with the suicide of his associate. Or was it murder? Both the police and the Mafia are suspicious and Hunter has to request the help of his friend, Frank the Fixer, to investigate and solve the mystery.


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