Short Stories

Original Short Stories

Del is currently  working on a collection of Short Stories to be titled, Snapshots from Home – Underground Rage and other stories

Some stories from the collection will be published here from time to time for your review. You may see them through the links below or through the Blog posts on the right.

Please note that all these stories are open to comments, questions, critiques and suggestions in the Comments section at the end of each story. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your interest, please enjoy the stories:


Underground Rage.

scooptramA story of an unhappy miner and the tragedy that comes from his bitter jealousy.  




A Long Walk

prairie road
Ten-year old Danny is not happy on his long walk into town.



The History of Computers as I know it

IBM PCA look back at my fifty years in the fascinating evolution of computers. (And an attempt at prose-poetry.)



A Long Paddle into the Wind

Twin Otter
A challenging canoe trip down the Coppermine River exposes the history of the river and the disasters that can still occur.