The writer

Del Chatterson, Author 

20171210_151633I am currently working on my fiction writing projects, a short story collection and a series of business fiction novels. No Easy Money is the first.

My recent writing experience is with two business books, Don’t Do It the Hard Way, A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, only a fool insists on making his own and The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business PlansBoth books were published in 2014 by the print-on-demand publisher, AuthorHouse, and are intended to be part of a series for entrepreneurs.

For business writing, Del Chatterson became your Uncle Ralph. You can call me Del. The writing is all based on my experiences and the lessons learned as an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Author, Advisor and Cheerleader for Entrepreneurs.

The two books were both well received by reviewers and the intended readers – business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

Your Uncle Ralph is my alter ego and comes from all my own prior experience, plus everything that I have learned from the good and bad managers that I have worked with over the years.  Coincidentally, Ralph is my secret middle name and was my father’s first name. Uncle Ralph is definitely much wiser than I am and has experienced more than I could possibly have lived through myself.

Uncle Ralph’s interest is to share ideas, experience and advice with other executives, entrepreneurs and managers to help them to improve their businesses and their lives.

My objective with the website and with my writing is to help entrepreneurs be better and do better. Better for themselves, their families, employees, customers and suppliers, their communities and the planet.

Perhaps some of the same lessons will be better communicated in my fiction writing but the primary objective is to make the books appealing, interesting and entertaining.

I look forward to staying in touch and hearing your feedback on all my projects.

Del Chatterson

Montreal, Quebec, Canada