Next step is the Marketing Plan, you can help.

Next step is the Marketing Plan

You can help

Dale_Hunter_Series_facebook_banner #1Thank you for your interest in my writing and for your encouragement and support as I make progress on writing a better book and then getting it published.

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No Easy Money , Draft 3, Revision 3, First 3 pages.

Part 1: You need insurance


“Money for nothing and the chicks are free.” 

Dale Hunter was stuck in the continuous congestion driving toward Montreal’s centre-ville listening to the radio. That line stuck in his head.

He was a fan of the Dire Straits and his favorite song was “Sultans of Swing” with Mark Knopfler’s long guitar solo...

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The History of Computers as I know it

The History of Computers as I know it

 That was a surprise. 

The seventy year-old coaching two thirty-somethings on Internet marketing. I thought they knew this stuff.

Not a strategy meeting. A how-to-use-the-tools meeting. SEO, AdWords, pay-per-click, Google analytics, automated email services.

Social media marketing. Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter.

Not chatting, selling! 

They’re engineers too. I thought they knew this stuff.  

But they’re fascinated by precise...

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