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We’re done, Step One!

Thank you again to all the early readers for helping to push me past the first and most important milestone, finishing the book!

Next step is the Marketing Plan, you can help.

Thank you for your interest in my writing and for your encouragement and support as I make progress on writing a better book and then getting it published.

An updated Author Bio – Video

Del Chatterson is an experienced business consultant, entrepreneur and writer. He publishes articles and blog posts regularly at and has written two business books for entrepreneurs.

No Easy Money – final draft

Your encouragement and feedback are important and helpful as I work on writing a better book that will appeal to future readers. I wanted to share this update with you on where I am now on the first novel, No Easy Money.

No Easy Money , Draft 3, Revision 3, First 3 pages.

“Money for nothing and the chicks are free.” 

Dale Hunter was stuck in the continuous congestion driving toward Montreal’s centre-ville listening to the radio. That line stuck in his head.

Excerpt: No Easy Money, Chapter 10

It didn’t take long for the bank to call after Dale deposited the check from Ottimo for $500,000. They asked Dale to a meeting with Rick Petrie the following day.

The Girl on the Sidewalk

In spite of the light rain and mist, he slowed his pace to observe more closely the broad spreading oak, elm, and cedar over the boulevard with their tall dark wet trunks covered in moss and vines.

No Easy Money, slow progress

No easy task, losing momentum. Is this what they mean by writer’s block? The blitz in November seems to have emptied the tank of creative juices. It’s been a struggle ever since to read, revise, re-write.

Update on Novel #1

No Easy Money After a blitz in November, I was able to push the story up to 42,600 words, but a novel is usually at least 80,000 words so I have lots of work to do in 2017.

A Long Paddle into the Wind

A Long Paddle into the Wind. Not a place for beginners. He was thinking, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those Reader’s Digest disaster stories where people read how I survived the Coppermine. If I survive.