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No Easy Money Cover #1A  - 2018-Feb. 18

 No Easy Money Cover #1A  - 2018-Feb. 18NO EASY MONEY

“You never win playing by the rules.”

 by Delvin Chatterson

 A Dale Hunter business adventure.

Suddenly life gets more difficult and dangerous in the computer business of the 1980’s.


No Easy Money

“You never win playing by the rules.”

Entrepreneurs face challenges every day from inside their business and from the world around them. They do not always succeed and they are often vilified as greedy and selfish, getting rich by exploiting customers, employees and the environment.

It’s hard to be a hero.

This is the story of an entrepreneur who tries to win against challenging business obstacles as well as the criminals who want a piece of him. He is determined to survive and to win at the game of business. And not play too far outside the rules.

Dale Hunter is a young entrepreneur in Montreal running a successful business in the 1980’s world of personal computers. He is having fun and making money until the bad guys arrive. Now he has to try to survive without playing by gangster rules. It will require some creativity and the support of some new friends.

While fighting off the bad guys and protecting his family, he still has to manage challenges from his employees and customers, the bank and his partners, and his two suppliers in Korea and Taiwan. He has to make deals with them all to keep alive and get back to business as usual.

One quiet day at the office, Dale Hunter is confronted by a demand for protection money. Under threats to his family, he agrees to go along and makes the payments to a gangster named Jacques Talbot. But the pressure increases as Talbot squeezes him for more and more money. He decides to get the cops involved. That is a mistake and both the threats and the demands increase, so Hunter makes a deal with Frank the Fixer, a tough Somalian refugee in Montreal who now works both sides of the law.

The first attempt makes matters worse again. Frank introduces Hunter to the Montreal Mafia so he can buy protection from better ‘protectors’. He tries to solve his problems with appeals to his banker, his partners and his suppliers.

He is still not safe from the gangsters and they plot to kill him. Hunter and Frank prepare a counter-plot to turn the original gangsters and the Mafia against each other.

Somebody gets killed. The others go back to business as usual.

Who’s who?

The cast of characters:

  • Dale Hunter– young entrepreneur and owner of 3D Computer Products.
  • Jacques “Jonnie” Talbot – tough guy, not too smart
  • Gino Boncanno – ruthless gentleman gangster
  • Detective Pierre Forsey – marginally crooked cop
  • Detective Helene Bourassa – cute, but tough, helpful cop
  • Frank, Faysal Mohamed Abou, “The Fixer” – working both sides of the law
  • Don Leeman and Doug Maxwell – partners of Dale in the computer business
  • Marie de Carlo – hard-working receptionist
  • Guy Tremblay – pedantic technical manager
  • Patrick Jensen – ambitious sales manager
  • Sylvie Cloutier – hard working sales rep
  • Monique Chevrier – sexy accounting manager
  • Rick Petrie –boring bank manager
  • Susie Bowness, Sean and Keira – Dale’s wife, son and daughter
  • Alex Simpson – Dale’s customer and friend at Phoenix Systems
  • Jean-Guy Brassard – Dale’s customer & friend at Canacomp Computers
  • André Lebeau – sleazy owner of Info-Cité
  • Jung Koh and Danny Koh – brothers at KCS, Korea Computer Systems
  • Sammy Wong – owner of Chung-Wai, manufacturer in Taiwan
  • Paulo Giancanna – Mafia familyloan shark


Part 1: You need insurance…………………………………… Page 7

Part 2: Complications……………………………………………. Page 35

Part 3: Manage the money……………………………………. Page 85

Part 4: It is personal…………………………………………….. Page 139