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Next step is the Marketing Plan, you can help.

Next step is the Marketing Plan

You can help

Dale_Hunter_Series_facebook_banner #1Thank you for your interest in my writing and for your encouragement and support as I make progress on writing a better book and then getting it published.

I wanted to share this update on No Easy Money and to ask for... Read More

No Easy Money , Draft 3, Revision 3, First 3 pages.

Part 1: You need insurance


“Money for nothing and the chicks are free.” 

Dale Hunter was stuck in the continuous congestion driving toward Montreal’s centre-ville listening to the radio. That line stuck in his head.

He was a fan of the Dire Straits and his favorite song was “Sultans of Swing” with Mark Knopfler’s long guitar solo...

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It's February, 2016 and I'm looking out my office window planning transitions.

Del Chatterson, businessman and consultant, is transitioning to business writer and author.

After fifteen years of consulting to business owners and entrepreneurs, I am now directing less time and effort to one client at a time and more to writing for a broader audience of entrepreneurs around the world .

In the role of "Uncle...

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I’ve moved!

Dear friends and neighbours,

My company, DirectTech Solutions, and I have moved.  Only to the building next door with address changes of a few digits, but for me to keep receiving your cards and letters, cheques and invoices please note that home and office are now located at:

 #1004 – 200 Ave. des Sommets    Read More